We don’t operate as a company instead we work as a team to bring change and prosperity into the society.


  • Transform dreams into reality.
  • Be a trusted and reliable business partners.
  • Be the best value provider for products and service.


S.G is a name known to many for its achievements in Town Planning, Architecture and Agri based industry. S.G was formed in the early 90’s and since then the group has never looked back. It all started with the use of land for farming and then the use of land was turned into making peoples’ life more comfortable in their homes.


Ch Arshad Hussain joined Anjum Farms in the mid 70ís as the Managing Partner, which was established in 1965 in the outskirts of Sahiwal city. The cultivated land that time was about 300 acres. The main crops were potatoes, maize, cotton and wheat. About 50 acres of land was maintained for a fruit farm.

In the early 80s Ch Arshad Hussain founded Shalimar Agri with another 200 acres of land and a cold storage nearby. After few years another 400 acres of leased land was acquired for cultivation to fulfill the storage demands of the cold storage. In 1992 Real estate Business was established. In 1999 a new cold storage was established considering the future demands of the industry. It was equipped with the state of the art machinery and technology. First fully developed town was established in 2000 and was sold in few weeks, due to its wonderful location and serene development. BY 2012 Shalimar Group had completed 8 projects and are looking forward to create better environment for its customers in the future projects.

In 2005 washing, grading and packaging was introduced, which gave Shalimar Agri another edge in the local and International market and opened new horizons in the export market. In 2011 CIPC treatment of potatoes was introduced which helped the company to preserve nutrients and good taste of stored potatoes.

  • President Chamber of Commerce and Industry Sahiwal 2013-2014.
  • Chairman Shalimar Group.
  • President Cold Storage Association Sahiwal.
  • President Developers Association Sahiwal.
  • President Deaf and Dumb Welfare Association.



A Visionary Corporate Leader with close to a decade of commercial success track record, focused on delivering bottom line results. Astute strong networker primarily concentrating on business growth in a highly competitive market environment. Foreign qualified and possessing prior experience running a commercially viable franchise, with excellent exposure to understanding and implementing requirements of the franchiser to showcase and reflect original brand values.

  • Promotes and follows up successful execution of projects in a cost effective and timely manner.
  • Directs daily operations, troubleshoots problems, and assists in developing new projects.
  • Complies with the specifications of the franchiser with a meticulous attention to detail.
  • Possesses strong interpersonal skills, business acumen, and exceptional communication skills.

Executive Assets

Level-Headed Corporate Decision Making, Project Management, Commercial Intent, Negotiations, People Skills, Self-Driven, Team Management, Visionary Leadership, Risk & Reward Calculations, Fiscal Planning, Analytical Thinking, Conflict Resolution, Strong Communication Skills, Relationship Building, Realistic Optimism, Empathy, Employee Management, Planning, Execution, Implementation, Technical Oversight, Result-Driven

Professional Experience

Chief Executive and Managing Director, Shalimar Group                                                        2010 – Present

Companies Headed:

Home Developers Waqas Cold Storage Uncle Tetsu Cheesecakes
New Home Developers Royal Home Developers Shalimar Developers


Overall Responsibilities:

  • Keeping a fine balance between short-term financial performance and long growth prospects of the company while taking well-informed decisions.
  • Bringing meaningful changes to business process improvements that would help enhance financial wellbeing and efficacy while reducing exposure to unnecessary expenditures.
  • Analyze all capital investment expenditures while taking into consider micro and macro business factors that can impact the long-term feasibility of such decisions.
  • Bring a growth-oriented mindset with the focus on fast development of the franchises to spread to different parts of Pakistan in a sustainable manner.
  • Review franchise performance data, adjust operating procedures as necessary, and implement marketing campaigns while closely tracking their results to make adjustments.
  • Supervise daily franchise operations, ensure compliance for operating procedures, safety, cleanliness standards, and implement efficient business practices for continuous improvement and quality assurance.

Education & Training

Middlesex University            

BA (Hons) Business Administration

British Franchise Association

Franchise Management


We care deeply about the environment and the societies in which we operate, and we are determined to play our part in caring for the disadvantaged and promoting civic values and providing sustenance on a long term basis.

With the aim of providing uniqueness, usability, and finesse, we have enhanced our current line of Food and beverages by introducing Uncle Tetsu Cheesecakes in Pakistan

Our qualified architects, town planners, engineers and skilled workers have worked hard to set new standards in the housing and development sector for many years. We are a company that is known for providing creative strategic solutions through its projects.

By introducing modern designs in construction of houses, infrastructure and essential associated facilities we have infused a new lifestyle in Shalimar Housing, which is beautifully energetic, attractively vibrant and conveniently livable.

We care deeply about the environment and the societies in which we operate, and we are determined to play our part in caring for the disadvantaged and promoting civic values and providing sustenance on a long term basis.

In addition to food, packaging through cold storage, we offer unique enhancement procedures through agricultural products and methods. This includes the concept of drip irrigation and agricultural facilities which enhances productivity.