Shalimar Agri is a very renowned and progressive agriculture business situated in Sahiwal, one of the most fertile lands of Punjab. Shalimar Agri is a future oriented firm. We have introduced new irrigation system like (Drip Irrigation) in our farms, which can save water up to 70%, and crop irrigation is even, and increases the production and saves the overhead costs.
Waqas Cold Storage is situated on bypass road, Sahiwal. The total capacity of this store is 6000 tons. In 2005 washing, grading and packaging was introduced, which gave Waqas Cold Storage another edge in the local and International market and opened new horizons in the export market. In 2011 CIPC treatment of potatoes was introduced which helped the company to preserve nutrients and good taste of stored potatoes.
Our qualified architects, town planners, engineers and skilled workers have worked hard to set new standards in the housing and development sector for many years.We are a company that is known for providing creative strategic solutions through its projects.By introducing modern designs in construction of houses, infrastructure and essential associated facilities we have infused a new lifestyle in Shalimar Housing, that is beautifully energetic, attractively vibrant and conveniently liveable.We care deeply about the environment and the societies in which we operate, and we are determined to play our part in caring for the disadvantaged and promoting civic values and providing sustenance on a long term basis.