The Shalimar group has been working prominently in the Food and Beverage business in order to bring elevated dining experiences for Pakistan. The company has committed its resources, business development, and research teams to a unanimous mission. This mission has led to the opening of Uncle Tetsu’s Cheesecakes; a classic Japanese delight. The stagnant competition in the Pakistani Food and Beverage industry has stopped massive development. This has also restricted the citizens from tasting and observing world class eateries. Shalimar Group aims to project its mission and vision through its operating Café.



The Shalimar Group aims to increase urbanism through development and sustainable real estate development across Pakistan. Our highly trained engineers, town planners, and architects are trained and focused to overcome various challenges. We have successfully established our name as one of the most trusted groups in the country. This prestigious position is shared by our valuable clients and employees who commit to our foresight and vision. Our housing projects and Model housing scheme aims to elevate your living standards, improve reliability, and increase future conservation. The cities and housing schemes are designed with latest and modern facilities to aid an ideal lifestyle. Our Real Estate and Development team strictly maintains scrutiny for various civic duties. The esteemed projects by the company include Shalimar Royals Nankana, Model Avenue Bhawalpur, Haronabad, and many more.



Pakistan is a land of agriculture with vast fields and favorable weather conditions for different types of cash crops. The farmers have contributed their time and effort to relatively increase Pakistan’s strong footing in the global map. Shalimar Agriculture and Farming operates on the same mission and improvises to increase crop output. The agriculture business model of the company operates on high tech machinery and methods. We have successfully introduced various irrigation systems such as Drip Irrigation. This method is highly convenient and effective and saves 70% water as opposed to crop irrigation methods. We aim to educate farmers to increase their general production, grow efficient crops, and decrease their overhead costs with our technologies.


Cardboard boxes on a pallet. 3d illustration.

When it comes to providing ideal packaging and inventory option, Shalimar Group provides the perfect and optimized solution. We operate a successful cold storage warehouse situated near Sahiwal Bypass named as Waqas Cold Storage. The facility has the capacity to store more than 6000 tons of products.

In the year of 2005, we upgraded our facility with packaging, washing, and grading features. This allowed us to increase and extend our services to match International levels of packaging and storage. In the year of 2011, the company was allowed to store various nutrients in order to maintain the fresh taste of potatoes through CIPC treatment methods.