The recent trends in the agricultural systems show decreased assistance and policies for the most important sector of Pakistan. The Agricultural sectors of Punjab provide produce which is exported to various countries. The Shalimar Group has recognized the importance of this industry and implied various innovations. Shalimar Agri is an Industrial solution operating near Sahiwal. The city is known to host the most fertile lands of Pakistan and provides earning opportunities to thousands of farmers. Shalimar Agri works to facilitate farmers, improve their conditions with technology, and increase productivity.

Promoting Agriculture

The Drip Irrigation System by Shalimar Agri

The historical evidence of Pakistan shows conventional irrigation methods implied in various areas, which causes detrimental impacts. The conventional irrigation system explains the process of supplying water in abundant amounts. The water supplied faced different types of issues, which include evaporation and not reaching proper roots. Shalimar Agri has successfully challenged the method by introducing the Drip Irrigation system. This type of method explains the process of supplying water in a minute and reasonable quantities. Water is supplied directly to the roots either from the top or below the soil. The irrigation method has become popular because it allows water conservation by up to 70%.

Increased Production and Reduced Overhead costs

The farming Industry in Pakistan faces grave challenges in respect of crop production and managing profits. The farmers often face these issues due to improper use of technologies and bug protection programs. Shalimar Agri provides relative and enhanced technologies which offer different types of facilities. This widely includes increasing crop production, reducing overhead charges, and allowing preservation of land fertility.