Uncle Tetsu’s cheesecakes is a popular brand across the globe because of its authentic Japanese taste and novelties. The food chain has made its way to Lahore under the umbrella of Shalimar Group and aims to win the taste buds of the local populous. The food chain is highly acknowledged in different countries, including Japan, China, Thailand, Canada, and Australia. The café serves a diverse variety of different items which includes the signature cheesecake, Madeleine cakes, smoothies, espresso coffee, and cheese sticks. The café is located on Gulberg, MM Alam Road, Lahore and provides eaters with a unique dining experience. In addition to providing quality and authentic taste, Uncle Tetsu hosts an advanced and hygienic kitchen. The customers get a chance to enjoy their orders while watching the baking process as well

Lahore Opening


The Japanese cuisine has evolved pragmatically by following traditions and recipes of Chinese cultures in the context of social and political changes. Uncle Tetsu offers the creamiest, melt-in-your-mouth cheesecakes, which makes you want more. The airy soufflé cheesecakes use both tangy and creamy flavours to provide an ideal taste. The ideal preparation method involves the use of heavy cream, eggs, cream, and flour. The cake is baked in an oven which is adjusted to provide a mouthwatering experience to the customer.


The consumption of food requires more than simple taste or service; customers demand comfort, peace, and eye-soothing ambience. Uncle Tetsu Pakistan is operating to strive a perfect blend of fine dining and customer services. The café provides a live kitchen separated by a glass wall; allowing customers to observe the baking process. The Shalimar Group has made sure to provide spacious table settings to observe customer privacy. The café operates in low light with music that will elevate your dining experience.