Waqas Cold Storage is another project initiated by Shalimar Group which is situated near the Sahiwal Bypass. The cold storage is designed with state of the art methods and is heavily insulated with different materials. These materials contain low thermal conductivity in order to allow retention of heat and cold. This retention is used to preserve the freshness of different ingredients and nutrients as well. The Shalimar group has designed Waqas Cold Storage to operate on vapor compression refrigeration cycle. This cycle operates on the second law of thermodynamics by allowing heat to move from a lower body to a higher one. The compressors work to provide extra energy in order to increase stimulation of the cooling process.

Breaking into the Inventory & Packaging Industry

The Ideal packaging services

To compete with market competition, Shalimar group introduced washing, grading, and packaging services in 2005. The idea behind these steps was to improve and retain the freshness of produce especially potatoes. This effort is monitored duly in order to preserve the efforts and time of farmers along with increasing presentation.

  • The Washing process involves usage of high pressured, clean water to remove excess soil, chemicals, preservatives, and mud off from the produce
  • The Grading process allows the management team to scrutinize the produced and find the best possible options from the lot. This also helps to maintain effective market standards and provide only the best quality to the customers
  • Effective Packing service is followed by following size and color grading in the cold storage